Currency Albums

Currency Albums are the deluxe way to go when organizing your currency collection for display or storage purposes.

This album is 12″ high x 9 1/8″ wide and has 10 vinyl pages allowing you to display 30 notes with both sides visable or 60 notes displaying only one side. This is a great album for storing World Banknotes as the larger size pockets which are 3 7/8″ high x 8 1/4″ wide will accommodate most of the foreign banknotes being issued today.

Because of the extremely economical price of this BCW Currency Portfolio even if your currency collection numbers into the hundreds or possibly thousands of notes it is a very affordable way to house and display your currency collection.

Dansco Currency Album
The Dansco Currency Album is similar in size and design to the Dansco Supreme World Coin Library Series and comes with vinyl pages for the modern size currency. In addition to the Currency Album Dansco also has a selection of Sport Card Albums and a Coin Stock Book that will accommodate the standard 2″ x 2″ coin holders.

H. E. Harris Wallet Size Currency Album
The H.E. Harris wallet size currency albums are a great way to display, store, and transport your small and large size notes. These convenient size currency albums fit nicely into a safety deposit box or your coat pocket while attending coin shows. The album for the modern size notes measures 6.5″ x 3″ and the album for the large size notes is 8″ x 3.5″. Both albums come with 10 pages which are removable.

H. E. Harris 3 & 4 Pocket Deluxe Currency Album
The H. E. Harris deluxe currency album is a handsome and sturdy bound album that has a black leatherette gold foil-stamped cover with metal corners. The album comes with 12 loose-leaf, six pocket pages (3 per side) that will hold both the large and small size currency. As your currency collection grows additional pages may be added as the capacity of the album is 20 pages. The H. E. Harris currency album is a great way to store and display your currency and at a very affordable price! Same style album available with 12 of the 4 pocket currency pages.

Littleton Currency Album
High quality 7-ring album with matching slipcase stores up to 70 notes in ten 3-pocket currency pages for large size and ten 4-pocket currency pages for small size. Archival quality pages provide safe long term protection and lie flat when open for easy viewing.

The Supersafe Deluxe Currency Album is a high quality turned edge binder and comes with a matching attractive blue slipcase. The album measures 12 1/4″ high x 10 3/8″ wide and has a spine that is 2 1/4″ wide which allows for the addition of extra pages as your collection grows in size. This handsome album and slipcase by Supersafe may be ordered without pages which gives you the versatility to build the album to suite your specific needs exactly.

Supersafe KSB Binder for NPGC Graded Currency Pages
The Supersafe KSB 3-ring padded vinyl binder is 11 3/4″ wide, by 12 1/4″ high, and 2 1/4 deep. This larger size format in a binder makes it ideal for the 2 pocket Supersafe Archival NPGC Graded Currency pages. 
The pages are archival polyester with 2 pockets per page. The pockets are sized to hold Graded currency from PCGS, PMG, and the other major currency grading services. The pocket dimensions of the pages are 9 1/2″ by 5 1/2″ with an overall page dimensions of 10 1/2″ x 11 5/8″.

 Whitman Premium Currency Album for Graded Notes
This premium currency album, is made of genuine black leather with metal reinforced corners and an embossed cover. Holds all graded currency sleeves. Clear view pages allow front and back viewing of your graded currency and holds 24 notes per album – 2 per page. Each album comes with 12 pages. Also has a 6 Ring metal binder for superior durability. Refill pages are also available.

How a Dragon Name Generator Works

In the fantasy world, having a refreshing and hip-sounding name can take you far – after all, a name by itself can intimidate the competition and give everyone else an approximate idea of what your character is all about. This is most evident when trying to create cool dragon names for your character. Dragon names easily conjures the image you want to project through your character or avatar: strong, independent, powerful, and difficult to defeat.

However, it is not easy to come up with a unique dragon name on your own even with all the inspiration fantasy novels and movies can give you. As such, most turn to a dragon name generator as a way to get more inspired in creating these majestic creatures.

How does a name generator works?

Just like any other name generator, a dragon name generator works by using some random data it had collected from various relevant sources and combining them together. For the most part, dragon names usually have either a medieval, European, or Eastern vibe. This is because of the cultural influence these three have in generating the modern image of a dragon.

This why most dragon names sound like it doesn’t make much sense for the modern man. Since dragon names are often invoked in ancient language, there are some who actually think the names generated are nothing but gibberish. Surprisingly, this isn’t the case as most folklore experts will tell you that a dragon’s name is usually derived from its characteristics and unique personality.

How  dragon’s name can affect your character’s image

A dragon’s appearance can greatly vary depending on the cultural influence and breed. European dragons are what most mainstream media shows on TV or movies – a great lizard with impregnable skin, bat-like wings and fire-breathing capabilities. This universally known type of dragon is usually violent and destructive with a few notable exceptions.

Eastern dragons, on the other hand, have bodies just like a serpent. But don’t let its shimmering scales fool you, beneath the almost gentle demeanor lies a creature known for it cunning and ferocity. Indeed, whatever cultural reference you use in naming your dragon, both traditions can prove to be advantageous for your end goal.

Things To Know When Diluting Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is really cool, it is a process in which you relax because of nice and soothing smell that can come out on your diffuser or something like that. There are many things that you should know about essential oils as they are the main thing that are used in this process. However it is a must to know about diluting essential oils in order to use them well, here are some of it. You can find more details on Diluting Essential Oils on the site

Never use it undiluted

No matter what essential oil you have decided to use, it is very important to know that you should never ever use undiluted oil onto your skin. Even if it is lavender oil or tea oil, never use it undiluted. This are just precautions because you are more prone to develop a permanent sensitization if you use undiluted oils. Do not risk it for that when you can easily do some diluting in order to make sure that you do not get sensitized. Also, aside from ensuring your safety you also get to save more money by diluting your oils before you use them.

Treat your oil with respect

Just because it is just oil does not entitle you not to treat them with respect as they are also beneficial as much as they can be harmful to your body. You should consider them on the same level that you consider medicine: important. Enjoy every blessing that they can give you and the fact that they fit in your holistic lifestyle.

Keep safe

Always make sure that you are not in anyway allergic to the essential oil that you have picked by simply testing it out first before you use it on important body parts such as your skin. It can cause irritation so you have to test it out first or suffer the consequences.

Aluminum Handle Squeegee for Screen Printing is Best Advice

Of all of the element involves in printing, one that exists as essential is the squeegee. It is one of the most important tools that usually made of rubber that if misused will affect the overall quality of your printing product. This item will allow to evenly transfer the ink into the fabric thus selecting the best goods is an advantage. There are many factors that can affect your printing business such as; Find more details about link kindly visit on

  • Selecting the right squeegee for screen printing. This object comes with 3 basic types of materials like Rubber, Neoprene, and Polyurethane. Each one has different performance and quality but this matter will also depend on how frequent or less of usage.
  • Selecting the right handle of the squeegee for screen printing. There are many products or different materials that fit with squeegee-like woods and aluminum, among the two, aluminum is popular due to its durability and performance. Aluminum handle for squeegee is the best choice as every user’s claimed for its satisfaction.
  • Using the right dimension of the squeegee and the handle also matter. Some item comes in an extended size while most are just fit with your hand’s size. Choosing one will depend on how many items are you going to print (the volume) or how wide the materials that you are going to transfer the ink. However, people opt for the standard, as this will generally fit and match with its printing needs.

To sum it all, choosing the right materials for your printing business is essential, these tools will be you partner to grow and be progressive as you can assure that you are providing the best product through utilizing great tools like aluminum handle squeegee.

The Advantages Of Raising Pigs

If you have a capital for a business, starting a piggery farming business is currently the most popular business around the world. Learn about piggery business plan pdf on

Very easy to maintain and start, pig farming business has so much potential with the right business plans.  With very limited space required for this type of business, you don’t need to invest and spend much with your land area.  As long as your location is not next to the neighborhood, you can raise pigs successfully and earn a lot of profit from this kind of business.


The Advantages Of Raising Pigs

As pigs can eat leftover foods, you can have zero wastage in your house. Pigs eat any food scraps, so even your feeding cost can be very low for them as they eat leftover foods. From leftover milk, to cereals, bread, or any other food, your pigs will eat anything as long as it’s not moldy.

  • Pigs are sweet, smart and friendly animals. They can interact with humans which is very fun to watch. They can be excited over something which getsreflected on their actions.
  • As pigs breed twice a year, pig business is quite a good business to invest in. A good breed of pig can give birth to as much as 12 piglets, which can be sold after a few months for more profit.
  • With the proper, clean pen and a good water source, pigs are very easy to breed and raise. It doesn’t need a lot of time and hard work, hence, a stress-free business which can give you a good income source.


If you want detailed informations regarding raising pigs, the pig farming business plan from StartupBiz Global can give you the best advices.  With the business plans available in different formats such as the PDF format, this company is the best help for your business.








Great Movie Nights With Gomovies

Watching movies can be a very relaxing experience. Many people love watching movies because they want to be taken to a whole new world or perhaps to be inspired. Watching movies at home with the whole family can also be a great bonding experience wherein everyone can gather together during a movie night. In fact, setting up a movie night at home is also economical considering that movie tickets at the cinemas can be a bit pricey. More information on gomovies9 on

A lot of people will agree that watching movies is common. To some, they do this occasionally. Some would prefer doing this on a regular basis. It is a form of entertainment that will never die. It is just the methods of it that change or improve. Most probably, people would agree too that individuals have their own preference when it comes to picking the movie to watch. Some would prefer watching a movie of same genres. However, as much as we want to stick to the favorites, exploring different things wouldn’t also be a bad idea. In fact, this could get beneficial as well.

How To Have The Best Movie Night At Home

If you have kids at home then you need to make sure that your film choice is age appropriate. There are actually plenty of kid-friendly movies to choose from which can also be the basis for your theme. You can turn your TV den into a mini theater or put up decors that are in line with the theme.

Your parties will also be a lot more exciting if you create a movie theme. Ask your guests to come wearing their favorite film character or any costume that can be related to their favorite movie or theme. Look for a spacious area in your home and set up the TV or projector screen. If you plan to do a movie marathon then you can check out gomovies website which houses a wide variety of movies.

The site has several film categories that you can choose. Having the categories has made browsing a lot easier since users can pick out their preferred movie right away. There are over 10 genres to choose from which include animation, action, adventure, comedy, drama, romance and as well as film-noir. Users can also make a request on the site in case they do not see their preferred movie title in the site. Movie nights will now be more exciting which means that you do not really need a party or any special event to have a movie night.